Tides of Time - The Inconvenience of Death

Voting Over - Scenario Selected

Here we are, folks!

Welcome to the Tides of Time Scenario Choice!

The votes from the players have been tallied and the results are as follows:

The Inconvenience of Death: 11 points

Academy Obscurum: 10 points

The Edge of the World: 9 points

As you can see, the votes were pretty close together!  Ultimately it was The Inconvenience of Death that won the top spot, and will be the scenario we play for this upcoming game!

Here is the refresher for The Inconvenience of Death

We are looking to start our planning and character creation session on Sunday, June 18th.  We will be gathering at a time and location still to be determined (we will be working around people's schedules as I acquire information).  Food will be provided!

Please let me know what your schedules look like if you anticipate any schedule conflicts by sending me a message through Facebook Messenger or PM ChameleonKail on Obsidian Portal!



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