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The Setting

It is January 30th, 1951.  The location: San Francisco, California.  A wave of kidnappings has swept the burgeoning city, leaving police scrambling to solve the mystery quickly before losing the faith of the populace they serve.  The mayor has declared a state of emergency, throwing all of its resources into solving this baffling mystery.

People are scared.  The night, already mysterious and dangerous, becomes even more so. Those who have odd habits or hours are looked upon with suspicion.  Police heavily investigate anyone or anything that seems even remotely suspicious.  Tensions are high, and nobody knows when that tension is going to snap.

The Expectations

Major Themes: Mystery, Suspense, Discovery, Tough Choices, Occult

Minor Themes: Combat, Subterfuge, Humor, Sorcery

Expect a healthy balance of combat, problem-solving, and staying out of sight.  The work that the Eyes in the Night Detective Agency does is only somewhat legitimate – with the increased scrutiny on strange people by the police during these strange times, standing out to the police is a bad thing.  Sometimes hard choices will need to be made… choices with no clear right or wrong way to proceed.  All choices will lead somewhere, though, so don't fret if the outcome wasn't something wanted.  

The Players

You, the players (except for one – more on that later) are detectives,  assistants, and/or contractors working for the <u>Eyes in the Night Paranormal Detective Agency</u>, a semi-legitimate operation run by Jeanette Gurney, a no-nonsense woman with a nose for trouble and an unflappable demeanor.  You are encouraged to talk to your fellow players in order to create characters that can reasonably interact with each other and possess skills that would be useful in that kind of employment.  Characters are free to have backgrounds that are as well- or mal-adjusted as desired, so long as the characters themselves are capable of functioning in society and with each other.

One player will be selected (by volunteer, if possible) to be the client for this story.  The client will have a special set of circumstances applied to them and will be the driving force behind the first part of the story and will set the rest of the story into motion by consulting with the Eyes in the Night Detective Agency.

Important skills to have are knowledge of the paranormal and supernatural, skills that aid with investigation, skills that aid in combat (including vs. the paranormal), magical knowledge, and street savviness.  Much of the game will be taking place within the city of San Francisco.

The Restrictions

Characters in this setting may be Human, Elf, Jotun, or Eldru.  Magic is permitted to characters in the Paranormal Detective Agency, though no spell with a difficulty to cast higher than Easy will be permitted to starting characters.  There will be no use of Dynamic Paths in this scenario. 

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